Shh….Sistah Girls: Here’s How to Lie on Your Resume and Get Away With It


Hey, I know a whole lotta Sistah Girls gettin’ paid right now but not “officially” full time on the books so their resumes are starting to look a little sketchy.   I have had plenty of part-time work experiences that helped me get from one gig to the next. Yep…that 2 season stint with the marketing team at the NY Knicks looks good and even that one published article for Black Enterprise counts. Did I work for the Knicks? Absolutely!  But seasonally. Did I write for Black Enterprise? Yep…One published piece way back when.

Back in 2012, Tyra Banks tweeted that she’d graduated from Harvard Business School. She actually took a series of classes in order to earn a certificate at a price tag of almost 100K. The course is open to anyone who can afford it.  No college experience required. It’s called the Owner/President Management Program. Hmmm…Proud of Tyra but I can see where she looks a little suspect. So did you go to culinary school or take a series of classes?  Are you a wine expert or do you frequent wine tastings? There’s truth and then there’s Truth Be Told!

A recent survey revealed some top reasons employers won’t hire resume re-mixers:

  • Lied about degree (84%)
  • Lied about reason for leaving last job (62%)
  • Lied about time and job gaps (53%)

Of course I don’t want you to lie but I don’t want you to miss out on the next opportunity because you don’t quite fit the bill.  Here’s a down and dirty guide to stretching the truth and re-mixing your resume:

Education: Don’t make up a college or program. If you’ve just started, list the school and upcoming graduation date or course completion date.

Employment Gap:  Use your volunteering experience here. Work at a friend’s business for free so that you can honestly say you were an assistant. Providing advice, coaching, etc.? I like the sound of consultant.

Job Titles: So you were the receptionist but dealt directly with the sales reps? You worked retail but ended up decorating the store windows? Share your real title and bullet out the extra job responsibilities.

Technical Skills: If you can learn it in a couple of sessions….add it. I’m talking about creating spreadsheets or presentations. Don’t say you can build a website if you can’t code.

Language Proficiency:  Your 2 years of Spanish in High School don’t count. You will not get anywhere with “Donde es la biblioteca?” Instead, be truthful as to whether or not you can read, write or speak a foreign language at any level.

Ever have to stretch the truth on your resume?

Stay Fly, Stay Fabulous and Rock On!

LA Drye is a workstyle specialist with a passion for all things related to Sistah Girls in the workplace. When not ranting and raving here, she can be found on Twitter @washndrye or on FaceBook at



5 Things You Don’t Know About Sistah Girls in the Office


Sistah Girl Aunjanue Ellis, courtesty of Sistah Girl Aunjanue Ellis

You probably can’t believe it but some folks really do scratch their heads at the end of the day wondering how we pull off the things that we do. Statistically, Sistah Girls are not even supposed to be on the scoreboard in many arenas but somehow we always manage come out on top even when the odds are against us. It’s in our nature. We are fly, fabulous and full of potential. Here’s why Sistah Girls Rock in the Office:

1. We are Socially Aware

We are keenly aware of how society views us as women and as Sistah Girls. Every time there’s a Halle, Lupita, or Kandi on the screen or on the radio, we get the side eye. We do our thing in the office because on some level, we understand that we represent the whole sisterhood and we can’t let them down.

2. We are Down with OS
No not the Operating System on your IPad or desktop but the OS (Other Staff-Other System) that works behind the scenes to keep a company running. Truthfully that’s how we get things done. We know all the custodians, security guards, cafeteria workers, mail room clerks and delivery guys. Those are our peeps and they go the extra mile for us because we see them when others don’t.

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Hey Sistah Girls! 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Being Heard At Work


You know, when I start thinking of the things that crack me up about being a Sistah Girl in the workplace, I almost always fall out laughing about the way that we phrase things. It’s just something about our delivery that makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter if the hands are not on the hips or even if the eyes are not rolling. Some of us Sistah Girls almost always distance people with the way we start the conversation. Have you ever experienced this? Ever notice a blank stare or even a physical step back because of the way words came out of your mouth? Hey Sistah Girls! Here are 3 reasons why you’re not being heard at work. Well, I’m sure there are more but I think this is a good start :-)

First Of All

Ah yes…”First of All”. Now you know that when you start a conversation this way, it’s gonna go down hill fast. It’s like saying, “I’m about to break you down and all the ways I’m not feeling you (this project, this work, your input).”

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Why Sistah Girls Never Know They’re Being Fired


I recently read an article online at Forbes that said that 77% of the people who lost their jobs at one Fortune 100 company never knew they had it coming. It seems that the Annual Performance Review doesn’t really provide all the data necessary for handing one the Pink Slip, the Ax, the…well, you get the idea.


As I bounce around NYC chatting it up with members of the Sistah Girl Nation, I find that we are often blindsided by the company’s decision to downsize/close down/dissolve our work situation. But honestly reflecting on the jobs that I’ve lost….I’d have to say that there were signs. Maybe not NEON signs but there were signs that change was coming. The winds had shifted but I like many ignored the cool breeze. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Sure Signs You’re on Your Way to Being Mary Jane


Okay so this post has nothing to do with Gabrielle Union or the show’s creator, the very talented Mara Brock Akil who also brought us the oh so on point Girlfriends show. It’s not even about how the show doesn’t live up to our expectations in 2014 in reference to our portrayal as flawed women. I will leave that to other talented writers in the Blogosphere who focus on that kind of stuff.  When you leave here, check out by Ezinne Ukoha.

This week’s blog post has everything to do with the Character who stomped through our living rooms for the past few weeks like an Essence Magazine hologram.  Mary Jane Paul who stole sperm, set the stage for the suicide of her good friend and holds everyone accountable for Le Ratchetness that is her life. Is it irony that the character lives in a glass house? She literally lives in a home with floor to ceiling windows. Yikes!

The passion behind this blog that I write genuinely comes from the desire to help each and every Sistah Girl currently clicking a mouse in a cubicle, in a corner office, in a home office, in a tv studio, in a hospital, in an airport, in a police station and yes….in the subway station behind a bullet proof partition. I am of the firm belief that there are rules to the workplace that we are not always attuned to and as a result, we get played out when we didn’t even know we were in the game.

courtesy of keep

courtesy of keep

So back to Mary Jane

In the middle of a season finale tirade against her ex-boyfriend, she screams that she lost her last job as a result of chasing him. Pause—freeze frame.  This is where I come in. WTF? How the hell do you climb the ranks, become a top news anchor with your own show on a cable network and then lose your job for chasing your man? Ah…but according to my Sistah Girlfriends, this is not a foreign circumstance and not limited to television/movie screens.  It seems that we are extremely capable of pursuing our dreams and our goals but we often fall short when it comes to aligning who we are in the workplace with who we are at home. It is this un-balance, I declare that has so many of us becoming and being Mary Jane.

Here are your signs:

  1. You are mean, ill-tempered and defensive around other Sistah Girls because deep down inside you don’t like the life you are living.
  2. You’ve got the external version of you down to a science (Perfect hair, nails, designer bag) but you are an assorted bag of nuts on the inside. Incapable of handling stress, rejection or criticism.
  3. Your friends say you are blunt, up-front and direct. Yeah…a real go-getter. These are all code words for aggressive, moody and un-predictable.

How will you begin to align who you are at home with who you are in the workplace?

BTW…Do you think I can deduct the cable tv bill from my taxes since I only watched the show for research? I’m just sayin’…







Love in the Workplace? 10 Rules You Need to Follow


Ah….the week after Valentine’s day. Did you break up? Did you focus on work and re-commit to “Doing You?”  No luck on the subway, in the supermarket or at church? Yeah…This week is the perfect time to look around the office to consider a new candidate.  Sistah Girls gotta move in silence though cuz you know the rules of love ain’t the same for you as it is for “them.”  This week’s blog post comes (edited and with her approval) from Tileah Aisha, founder of  Tilea has been a lifestyle blogger for 2 years and writing is her way of expressing thoughts and opinions that people may be afraid to say out loud.  True to her zodiac sign Pisces; she is a detailed dreamer by nature. Visit her site and hit her up on Twitter @letschickchat.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Looking for love in all the wrong places…

Love in the workplace could lead to awkward situations but on the flip side it could lead to spontaneous and consistent fun.  Imagine going to work with your man every day, wouldn’t that be great? You never have to worry about the “Baby, I’m working late.” message because you know EXACTLY what’s going on. LOL. I am all for finding your Mr. Right in the workplace but there are a few Office Rules that must be discussed before you commit to such a relationship. Read the rest of this entry »

20 Things I Know About Love


Happy Love Day Sistah Girl Nation!

As we celebrate our love of self, family, and community…I encourage you to step away from the day to day of the workplace to take some time to experience a warm Chicago Hug from my girl and fellow blogger, Donnie Nicole Smith. Donnie and her Grammy Award winning hubby Che, have Chi-town on lock and are ensuring that words, music and art thrive and gain exposure in their city. Check out their work at the Donda House (in loving memory of Dr. Donda West), here at With her permission, we are re-posting (with edits): 20 Things I Know About Love. Read the original version at and hit Donnie up on Twitter @blkgrlunmasked or via email at One love.keep-calm-and-love-yourself-1230

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Ring The Alarm: Sticky Fingaz Part II

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of


Okay so the work place never lets me down when it comes to inspiration for a post. I mean New York City in general has inspired dozens of his television shows, movies and songs. Last year I wrote about “Sticky Fingaz”. Yeah… the people who were raiding the office fridge and eating other people’s groceries. This post is Sticky Fingaz Part II because it extends the conversation to people who have no respect for other people’s workspace, desk or cubicle. Last week someone’s BlackBerry alarm went off. I don’t know what kind of setting it was on but it was obnoxiously loud. It rang about 4 times for 30 seconds each time and folks started cringing. There were raised eyebrows, pursed lips and eyes squinting like when someone rakes their nails across a chalkboard. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby It’s Cold Outside–Get To Work!




Greetings from the Frozen Apple! Mother nature is kicking our *ss here in New York City but like the true soldier that I am, I’m gonna push through and continue the pursuit of innovation and creativity.

This weekend I went to the last official holiday party of the season. Our gracious hosts hold an open house every year where guests are treated to food and beverages and each room is painstakingly decorated in holiday flair. There is a room full of angels, one filled with marionettes and another filled with stuffed bears. There’s a music room and at least 4 Christmas trees decorated so lavishly that you hardly notice the tree.

As I noshed and nibbled, I looked around and reflected on the fact that our hosts add new pieces of sparkle, trim and details year after year and then they pack it all up in the basement at the end of the holiday season. I kept thinking, they must have some kind of system where they keep track of all of the sleigh bells, Santas and ribbon? How do they know what goes in each room, on each table, each doorway? Read the rest of this entry »

4 Things To Avoid Doing At The Holiday Party


For so many people, this is officially the last week that any real work is going to get done around the office. For most, this week’s calendar includes shopping for gifts, meeting up with friends for dinner and of course attending the holiday office party. Even when times are hard, most organizations try to do something to pull employees together even when you can’t exactly smell the “team spirit” in the air. Since this blog is dedicated to Around the Way Girls a.k.a my Sistah Girls, I decided to ask a few of my homies for the top 4 things “she” should avoid during the office holiday party. So here we go!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

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